This service is absolutely the Transfer highlight of the Taxi and Rental car Industry.

Our chauffeurs speak English and have the permission for our Transfer service. Every driver is trained how to increase customer satisfaction.

This starts with external care such as clothing and footwear. Dealing with the customer such as greeting and receiving the guest.

Every guest at Innsbruck Airport or Innsbruck Train Station with luggage is helped. Guests will be picked up with their name tags.

The customer’s luggage is loaded into the vehicle and checked by the customer. The destination will be discussed and confirmed before the journey begins. During the trip, only the most necessary is discussed with the guest and questions are of course happy to be answered.

The luggage is unloaded at the destination and brought to the reception. The driver says goodbye to the customer and is asked again if any changes are known for the return trip. If changes are made, they will be noted and observed.

We are always trying to improve and refine our transfer service. For this purpose, customer surveys are carried out. The helpful feedback will of course then be implemented as quickly as possible and taken seriously.

Try our Airport Transfer Service and enjoy this unique Chauffeur Service from VIP Taxi Innsbruck!